Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Stromberg Invincible Orchestra Drum, ca. late 1910s

Featured here is an Invincible Orchestra Drum by Charles A. Stromberg of Boston, Massachusetts. Lacking a makers label, the drum cannot be precisely dated but is typical of Stromberg's work during the late 1910s.
1910s Charles A. Stromberg Invincible Orchestra Drum
The drum is complete and functional and, from a distance, looks to be in good cosmetic condition. Upon closer inspection however the shell shows signs of having been refinished and is significantly faded on one side likely from having been exposed to direct sunlight over a long period of time.
1910s Stromberg Snare Drum
Stromberg Snare Drum Badge
The drum is outfitted with twelve single post tube lugs, slotted tension rods and Stromberg's small two-pronged claws which fit over the three-ply maple counterhoops. The shell is also unusual for the era being formed of three staggered plies. The snare mechanism and butt seen here are a refined version of Stromberg's 1904 patent.
Stromberg Snare Drum Strainer
Stromberg Snare Drum Butt
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